Partnerships for Trenton (PFT) is a community outreach organization based in Trenton, New Jersey. PFT consists of a unified volunteer force of businessmen, educators, civic associations, certified professionals and individual citizens living or conducting business in the City of Trenton. This cluster of nonpartisan community stakeholders are dedicated to educating our youth, supporting our seniors and matching people to resources. We do this through an array of public training opportunities, and a very intense community based outreach program. All of our services are offered to our community in both English and Spanish.


Our children are the key to the future of this world. PFT remains loyal to the cause of a providing a solid foundation of learning based on the best possible educational resources available.


PFT manages this process through creating a learning environment for all those we actively engage. Our volunteers remain abreast of the latest news, requirements or changes in the Housing, Education and Health fields sharing information, recognizing good work and creating opportunities where our volunteers can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve service and performance.


PFT strives to engage communities across the City of Trenton attempting to improve residents’ quality of life and overall well-being.


PFT operates as an umbrella organization with infrastructure support and staff. PFT has planned, managed, and supported community initiatives through ongoing facilitation, technology and communications support, data collection and reporting, and handling the myriad logistical and administrative details needed for our initiatives to function smoothly.